Thursday, September 10, 2009

Screenshoter 1.2

Product Description:

Easily capture your screen with Screenshoter - it´s small, portable and free!

Every annoying feature is consistently excluded. Make a screenshot with a click on the button or by pushing the „Print Screen“ key and it will be directly saved as an image - that´s it!

Nevertheless it´s also possible to capture a certain area of the screen and to choose the save format (jpg, png or bmp). Other options like setting the jpg-quality or showing the current cursor on the screenshot are available as well. Moreover Screenshoter can be minimized to the tray so that it doesn´t block your work.

Interesting is the intelligent behavior of hiding itself during the process of capturing so that the program window won´t appear on the screenshot.

A nice fact is that fullscreen applications can be captured too. So it´s possible to make high quality screenshots of games, websites, office programs and mostly even movies.

All in all Screenshoter is different to the competitors: It doesn´t need an installation, is extremely small (0.1 MB) and simple but powerful.

No special system requirements are needed.

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