Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alt-Tab Thingy 3.4.1

Publisher's Description:

If you are not familiar with the Alt-Tab task switcher in Windows, it's a keyboard short-cut (hot-key) to enable fast switching between applications/windows.Alt-Tab Thingy is a replacement to add brand new features to help you switch tasks faster and more efficiently than ever before!


* Use the cursor keys to make your selection
* Use the mouse as well as the keyboard
* System tray icon
* Drag and Resize windows by clicking anywhere on the window
* Window preview
* Can be disabled (handy for games players)
* Settings window for enabling/disabling features
* Informative tooltips
* Ghost windows!
* Auto Off feature (user controlled variable timer)
* Allows minimizing of windows to the system tray
* Monitors windows for change of caption/z-order/deadtray icons etc...
* Display resolution selector
* Icon/List view
* Variable preview size
* Mouse wheel support
* Automatically minimizes or closes Explorer windows
* Blacklist feature removes apps from the task preview (right-click on them to enable)
* Access ATT with an alternate "Alt+Key" combination, without altering the standard Windows Alt-Tab function (use both at the same time!)
* Taskbar Previews - When you hover the mouse over a taskbar, you will see previews for open windows above the taskbar.

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