Monday, June 8, 2009

Transview 8.0 - Image Viewer

Publisher's Description:

Transview is an image viewer based on Java Technology, and also offers basic image processing features.
It is a very small size software and is completely free to use. It can be freely distributed without any prior permission.
Some of its features are:-
# It is a Cross Platform Software
# It is a very small size software less than 100 KB.
# It offers one Click Image Display.
# Very Easy Interface to use with hassle free user interface.
# It offers 4 mode Image display mode: Default Side Panel View, FullScreen , SlideShow and Exclusive Mode.
# Contains visually appealing Exclusive Mode not available in other Image viewers.
# Exclusive mode offers Mouse Movement controlled Interface
# Image Processing effects include Invert, Sharpen, Blur, Photostate, ColouredPhotostate effect, Bump, Coloured Bump, Glow, Edge detection and Posterize effect.
# It allows to save your Rectangular crop and Zoom selection directly.

The only requirement of Transview is that your System should have Java Runtime Environment 1.6 installed

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