Friday, June 26, 2009

WinSize2 V2.24.02

Publisher's Description:

WinSize: Move windows automatically to a predefined place. Resize width and/or height. Moving OR changing size possible. Supports text CONTAINED in titles (like "Notepad") to identify window. One hotkey for all functs. Multi language support/Handbook

The capabilities of WinSize2 are:
• Learn and store position and size of any window
• identifying the window according to the full title or parts of the title
• moving to a predefined place
• changing the size of a window according to the size learned
• one hotkey to manage all functions of the WinSize2
• Different configuration files (INIs) for different screen sizes
• Hide/minimize/maximize windows / full screen + special functions
• multi language support
• detailed "Handbook" in English and German

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