Thursday, July 9, 2009

FileCleaner 1.0

Publisher's Description:

FileCleaner - clears Internet history and online messenger activity tracks from your PC

FileCleaner with RealTime protect is a 100% freeware history cleaning software. This helps you to clear all the unused files, activity tracks and log files created by the internet applications we commonly use. This enables your computer to work faster and saves the disk space. FileCleaner works on clearing the history traces of your online activities from browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome) and instant messengers (Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger & Google Talk) logs. This is a Freeware and DOES NOT contain any Spyware or Adware.

A "must-have" tool for every Internet users

* RealTime Protect feature to clean the history files and logs instantly
* Add to Favorites Reminder feature to help you save the typed urls
* advanced scheduler to delete history automatically
* shredder option
* delete history in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome
* delete chat logs and profile details of Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger & Google Talk
* delete browsing history
* delete address bar history
* delete search history
* clear index.dat files content
* delete index.dat files
* delete AutoComplete
* delete Google search history
* delete Yahoo search history
* delete Toolbar search history
* delete cache (Temporary Internet Files)
* delete stored passwords
* delete cookies
* empty Windows Temporary Folders
* delete Recent documents list
* delete recent items
* delete Windows Run History (recently run programs list)
* delete Windows Search History
* delete Start Menu open programs history
* clear recent open/save files list
* clear page file (swap file)
* delete Windows Media Player history
* delete history tracks (Most Recently Used list) in Microsoft Office programs
* clear Google Desktop
* clear Clipboard

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